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Justin + Robin

Justin + Robin

Deze blog is geschreven in het Engels omdat heel veel gasten op deze bruiloft uit het buitenland zijn gekomen.

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to capture the wedding day of Justin and Robin. Two amazing men who tied the knot at Westerliefde in Amsterdam, surrounded by their family and friends from all over the world, because Justin is from Australia! It was such a lovely day and I enjoyed every second of it.

The day started at the Westervilla hotel, where Justin and Robin prepared themselves in their hotel room. They were very relaxed and so excited for the day to come. Their outfits matched so perfectly together. But oh those ties….. 😉

We walked towards Westerliefde and took a bunch of photos at different spots. Such a beautiful and inspiring environment, I had never been there before.

Then it was time for the ceremony. The venue for the ceremony was so beautifully decorated. When all the guests had arrived, Justin and Robin welcomed them at the entrance with a glass of champagne for everyone. They hadn’t seen most of the guests for quite some time, so there were lots of hugs and kisses.

Their vows were beautiful, there was laughter, there were tears of joy and happiness but also some sad tears. Justin’s mom had passed not long before the wedding after a long illness, so his dad as able to fly over from Australia to be present at the wedding. A candle was lit to honor Justin’s mom. When the candle wouldn’t burn, Justin joked his mom had always been a stubborn woman. Laughs all over the place. 😉

After the ceremony we walked to the canal boats that took us on a lovely trip through the Amsterdam canals. Halfway through, Justin and Robin (and myself) switched boats, so they could chat with all of the guests. There were drinks, bitterballs and a lot of fun on board. The weather was awesome!

When we got back to Westerliefde, it was time for dinner. Such a beautiful table setting with the lights above the tables, what a great venue.

Time to party! And what a party it was…. 😉 With Cherry & The Sugarstuds on stage it went wild! After two years of postponing their wedding two times, the third time was definitely a charm!

Dear Justin and Robin, it was such a pleasure to capture this for you! I enjoyed every single minute of your day! Thank you so much for your trust. I wish you all the best!


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